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Films about the Border: The Girl

Abbie Cornish and Will Patton star in this film released last year about a young women who loses her own child to social services and subsequently gets involved with trafficking of illegal immigrants across the US - Mexico border. She eventually finds herself care-taking a young Mexican girl who has been separated from her mother. Ethan Alter writes in his review, "Few genres inspire less enthusiasm than the social issues drama -- movies that set out to make an impassioned statement about some kind of local, national or global problem, but neglect to do so in a dramatically compelling way. David Riker's - The Girl - would seem to fall into this category, given that it's been specifically rigged to address a topic that's very much in the news today: illegal immigration across the U.S./Mexico border. Fortunately, the film has a solid grasp on character and story to accompany its strong social conscious."