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Laredo, Texas

"The Colter Chronicles is a new look at an old subject.  On a basic level, it’s about a small time private investigator who continually finds himself up against trouble.  But instead of exotic locales such as Hawaii (Magnum P.I.) or southern California (Rockford Files), it takes place in the gritty, violent, border town of Laredo, Texas.  There’s no beachfront, no glitzy hotels, no ocean.  Just the muddy waters of the Rio Grande separating the densely populated squalor of Nuevo Laredo on the south, from its more advanced American counterpart on the north.  Once a single unified city, Laredo was divided in two following the Texas revolution, creating upheaval and unrest.  Today, the escalation of battles between Mexican drug cartels, along with a worsening Mexican economy and a resultant, steady influx of illegals across the border, have added to the growing animosity.  Now the once cohesive dual population finds itself embroiled in a border war, a battle zone reported by many to be ‘worse than Baghdad’." - Director, Todd Bendera