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Who Would You Have Play The Character Maggie Cruz Wallis?

Cruz Wallis is a member of the U.S. Border Patrol.  Based near Laredo, Texas, she works the night shift, most often alone, patrolling her section of the 1200-mile border.  It’s her choice.  The daughter of a Mexican mother and an American father, she finds herself with one foot in each camp and is often torn by the conflict she sees and feels.  

She’s come into contact with Colter on numerous occasions when he’s assisted the patrol – some of those positive, some negative.  The two don’t always agree on the best methods of conflict resolution.  She goes by the book --although she has difficulty at times, as she is, underneath, soft-hearted – and she has trouble coming to terms with Colter’s flaunting of the law.  Although they have never had a personal relationship, there is a spark between them on occasion.  She has a fiery, but controlled, personality, while Colter keeps his emotions in check.