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Jess: A Novel of Hell and Ecstasy

Our very own Jon Bendera, screenwriter and co-creator of The Colter Chronicles, has just released his first novel.  Jess: A Novel of Hell and Ecstasy tells the story of a woman - Jess - travelling west to escape the sins and triumphs of her past. A stripper, a model, a drug dealer, a groupie, and an artist, Jess has accomplished a lot, but she has yet to find that one thing we all want: home. She believes home is west, in Arizona, with a man she just met. But the spirit of the man she killed, Bill, haunts her still, and spirits have a way of returning to life. And for Jess, it’s Dave: A man who needs to watch things burn. But the novel is more than Jess’ journey, it is also about the realization that an individual, no matter how captivating, is not the center of the universe. It is about knowing that the periphery is as important as the eye of the storm. It is about how that storm has an impact on everything it touches. Jess goes through the world like a whirlwind and each person she touches, no matter how random, is changed.

Pick up a copy here and tell us what you think?