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Rockus Raphael

Rockus Raphael.JPG

Rockus Raphael is the winner of the popular vote for our music competition. He is from Belgium and as a kid got hooked on making music after hearing some schoolmates belt out "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Although he has had a few guitar lessons, he is mostly self-taught and can play the piano, bluegrass mandolin, lapsteel, bass, drums, and accordion as well. He has spent time performing in a pop band and recently began working on composing film scores. Some of his work includes The Animal Inside by Nadia Hussein and a documentary about Arsenal's global football fans The World in Red and White by Daniel Atkinson. He is currently working on an album that infuses the styles of Sufjan Stevens, The Swell Seasons and Bruce Springsteen. 

When coming up with his version of A Man of Constant Sorrow, he reflected on The Colter Chronicles website, and decided to go for an edgy, sober and dark approach. He says his first take was more slow paced, like Fink's This is The Thing, but then decided to opt for a more Jack White approach. Rapheal says it was his first time daring to sing on a track. 

Excellent job and thanks so much for your participation! Rockus Raphael will receive our prize of $250. You can find out more about him on his Facebook page or contact him at