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Who is Juanito?

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Juanito is Colter's sidekick. Much like Indiana Jones had Short Round in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'.

Juanito is a 10 year old street kid.  He moves easily between Mexico and the U.S. – generally across the dangerous Laredo/Nuevo Laredo border.  He is funny, friendly, and intensely defensive of those he cares for. Juanito is extremely charming, using his sweet looks and personality to get what he wants.  

Fearless and quick-thinking, Juanito is devoted to Villasenor, Colter's antagonist, who he views as an older brother. But he is equally devoted to Colter who acts as both an employer of sorts, and as a surrogate father. This creates conflict for both himself and the two men. At times, Juanito finds it difficult to make a decision if it means he must support one over the other.